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Five secrets


The vineyards of Celler de l'Era feature a rare particularity in the Montsant: the presence of licorella. Licorella is the local name for a type of slate whose laminar structure favors the concentration of nutrients, retains moisture and stores heat, giving the wines a unique mineral contribution.



The protection of Montsant mountain range, and the relatively high altitude at which Celler de l'Era vines are grown (between 450 and 550 meters - feet) generate a microclimate characterized by low rainfall (350 liters per year), a dry environment and a strong thermal contrast between day and night, which favors the grape ripening and contributes to its acidity, providing the wines of Celler de l'Era creaminess and freshness.

3.Organic farming

The grapes and wines from Celler de l'Era are certified by CCPA. This certification ensures that products follow the rules of organic farming in the whole process of production, processing, packaging and marketing. Organic viticulture excludes any treatment with synthetic chemical products (such as herbicides, pesticides and fertilizers) and limits the use of any product that may leave a residue on the environment.


Respect for the environment. For people. For tradition. A respect that comes from caring for the land and takes shape in concrete decisions: low density plantation, harvesting by hand, careful separation, vine remains and too mature grapes, soft vinification process, limited number of yearly bottles... Everything is oriented to ensure that each step is given with the care it deserves.


In every decision, from choosing and preparing the land, to the winery design, we followed the same criteria: commitment to quality sparing no effort, and taking advantage of the best available technology. Already in the harvest, process design and installations help us keep the natural qualities of the grape: minimum time between harvest of the grapes and the arrival to the fermentation tank, double selection table, tank filling by gravity, precise control of the temperature during the fermentation... Celler de l'Era is certified according to ISO 14001:04 Environmental Management System.


A farm that recovers his origins