The spelling of the DO Montsant is varied, rugged and steep in general, although it does become mild in some areas, especially to the south. The vineyards are between 50 meters above sea level, in the lower parts, and 700 meters, in the highest areas.

The territory that is part of the DO Montsant is delimited by a semicircle of mountains that give it a unique shape. On the northern part it is delimited by the Montsant mountain range, which is responsible for giving the DO its name, and La Llena. To the east, the limits are marked by the Sierra de Argentera, the Mola de Colldejou and the Sierra de Llaberia, the area closest to the sea. On the opposite side we find the Figuera and Tormo mountain ranges, and in the south it is where the territory becomes more open facing the Ebro river. There are the rivers Siurana and Montsant, which together with the stream of Capçanes, configure the waters that irrigate the territory.

The landscape formed by these mountain ranges has always been understood by the DO as an element of identity and a cultural value. In a predominantly agricultural area, this landscape is part of the wealth that has always been considered one of the most valuable assets by the winemakers and wineries that make up the DO.

A well-exploited landscape is synonymous with well-done work, quality and sustainability. And it is precisely these values ​​that define the wines of the DO Montsant, where the agricultural model knows how to harmonize the Mediterranean agricultural tradition with innovation and creativity to create a future project.

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